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The Barron County Sheriff's Office reports a police chase early Saturday morning ended when a domestic abuse suspect killed himself.  A Bloomer police officer was trying to stop a vehicle driven by 66-year-old Michael Haile when deputies deployed a set of spike strips.  Three tires were deflated.  The driver failed to get out of the vehicle when it came to a stop, but deputies stayed back because they'd been told Haile had a rifle.  When they made a tactical approach, they found the suspect from Stitzer dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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An approved burn got out of control Saturday morning and caused a huge brush fire in Jefferson County, witnesses saw flames and smoke from miles away. Jefferson Fire Chief Ron Wegner, said the wind and marsh it made things difficult, saying "it would move rapidly, and we weren't able to get into it as quickly as we want to with the conditions."  No one was hurt in the fire, and no homes were damaged. Helicopters were called in to drop water on the fire. They made 70 drops of 110 gallons each time.

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The ten-million-dollar loss posted by Organic Valley during 2017 is the company's first financial loss in 20 years of operation.  Leaders say increased milk inventories, falling prices and a slowdown in sales growth are to blame.  Gross sales were up four percent to more than one-point-one-billion dollars.  The La Farge-based company is now the top national brand for organic, 100 percent grass-fed dairy and meat.  Organic Valley leaders say they plan to be the largest food company in the world powered only by renewable energy no later than next year.

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Federal investigators say the Beaver Dam man killed in an explosion in his apartment last month had white supremacist literature in the unit and a refrigerator full of homemade explosives.  Court documents regarding the explosives lab Benjamin Morrow called home have been made public, revealing his body was found in front of the stove.  The 28-year-old had so many volatile chemicals in the apartment that the entire building had to be burned down.  The F-B-I is still reviewing the white supremacy papers found in Morrow's apartment.

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