Study: You Will Meet ‘The One’ in Your Late Twenties

Didn’t find the love of your life in high school or college?No worries.According to a survey conducted byMatch, you’re most likely to find “the one” in your late twenties. More specifically, women tend to meet their lifelong partners between the ages of 25 and 27 and the sweet spot for men is 28.

There’s a couple of running theories as to why this might be. First, until we hit those years our brains are literally still undeveloped. It’s not until later in our twenties that our personalities are more established and we’re at a higher level of “self-regulation.”At least from a brain standpoint.

And speaking of love and time, this survey also dug deeper into the dreaded six-month mark of relationships where things become make or break. It’s around this mark that things take a turn from the honeymoon period to getting serious. The survey found that at this point, most relationships have said “I love you,” had their first argument, revealed their imperfections, and met each other's parents. If these haven’t happened in your six-month relationship yet,you probably understand why so many couples also fall apart at this point.

Source:PS I Love You