Sweden Faces Sperm Deficit

Here’s an impact from the pandemic most people didn’t see coming; Sweden is facing a serious shortage of sperm. Over the last year, donations have dropped to their lowest point, withAnn Thurin Kjellberg, head of the reproduction unit at Gothenburg’s University Hospital saying they’ve “never had so few donors as during the last year.”

It’s a crazy shortage, isn’t it? Thurin Kjellberg says the three most populous areas of the country are either out of sperm for assisted pregnancy or about to run out. Experts say it takes around eight months to process a donor due to the many tests involved, while some samples can’t be used due to common problems with freezing the sperm.

Sound like an easy problem to fix, doesn’t it? Not really; under Swedish law, a sperm sample can only be used by a maximum of six women. For that reason, saysMargareta Kitlinski, head of the reproduction unit at Skane University Hospital, if a woman has 50 men contact her “at best only half of them could be donors.” Thurin Kjellberg says “We need to go on TV and tell Swedish men to come forward.”

Source:New York Post