Experts: "How To Stop Being A People Pleaser"

Attention people pleasers! When everything gets opened back up and gathering restrictions are fully loosened, there is going to be a cavalcade of invites coming your way. You do not need to say “I’m in” for everything. Here are some tips for getting over your people-pleasing ways now that things are getting back to “normal.”

  • Before You Say Yes To Something, Think About Why You’re Agreeing To It. If your knee-jerk reaction is to say yes to every invite, you’re most likely a people pleaser. Shoot out some more texts saying “let me get back to you” so you can actually take the time to wonder if this is actually something you want to do or just something you’re afraid to miss.There’s a difference.
  • Give Yourself Permission To Say No.Take it from confidence coachAziz Gazipura.Saying no doesn’t mean you’re uncaring, mean, or selfish. According to him, “saying no to what you don’t want is healthy, adaptive and one of your human rights.”You now have the permission you’ve been waiting for to stay at home and concentrate on your own mental health.
  • Then Practice Saying No To Small Things.Saying no is hard which is why Gazipura recommends building your confidence over time.Slowly work out your ‘no’ muscle. Start by hitting no on all those Facebook invites you hit “interested” on. Next, turn down one invite over text. Soon enough you’ll be able to look someone right in their eye and say you’re not going to be able to make it without having a lowkey panic attack.

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