New Dating App Is Only Available On Thursdays

Tired of the same old dating apps after the last year of most dating happening only online? Then you’ll be happy to know a new dating app is about to launch and it’s taking a totally different approach to dating. It’s calledThursdayand it’s only active on Thursdays. That means you can only match and chat with potential love interests one day a week, so this dating app won’t take over your entire life.

Thursday was founded by two single guys in London who were fed up with sitting on dating apps where even if they got a match and sparked a decent conversation, it rarely resulted in a date. The fellas say they want to change the way people think about dating and by making their app only available to use one day a week, they think it’ll create “excitement and an appetite for conversation and dates.”

So how does it work? The goal of Thursday is to cut down on small talk and increase the number of dates that actually happen. Users are encouraged to only use the app that day if they’re free later for a date. The founders hope this will “cut out all of the BS” of other dating apps and encourage like-minded people who want to actually go out on dates to sign up. Thursday also requires users to verify their identity using a government-issued driver’s license or passport, something they hope makes people feel safe.