Listener Shares Parent Confession About Shredded Cheese With Her Baby

Parents called in to The Bobby Bones Show and shared some of the craziest and funniest confessions they used to do with their kids!  

A listener called in and shared what she used to do with cheese to distract her baby in the morning! She said when her daughter was about six months to a year old, she would wake up very early full of energy. So, to buy herself a little bit of time while she would drink her coffee, she would sprinkle shredded cheese around her playpen, and she would crawl around for up to 20 minutes looking for all the pieces of shredded cheese to eat! This gave her some time to relax and drink her coffee in the morning! 

Another listener confessed that she used to tell her three children that the ice cream truck was just a music truck, and that you just dance when it comes by. It took eight years until one of their friends told them it was actually an ice cream truck. Another listener called in and said when she was little, she would only eat McDonalds hamburgers so her mom would save the wrappers and wrap them in regular burgers to get her to eat them.  

One parent told her three-year-old daughter that frozen peas were candy and it’s her favorite snack now! The darkest confession shared was from a listener who said her daughter used to cry getting in the car, so she told her that the black birds in the parking lot were going to come and peck her eyes if she didn’t get in. After that they never had a problem with her getting in the car. One mom called in and said when her kids were younger, they’d ask to go to kid places and if they didn’t want to go, they would lie and say it’s under renovation!  

The final confession shared was a mother who said when her daughter was four, she thought she needed medicine to fall asleep, so they gave her one jellybean before bed every night for two years before they finally told her it wasn’t actually sleeping medicine.

Hear some more parent confessions on the podcast below!

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