Officer Brings 5-Year-Old McDonald's After 911 Call

5-year-old Iziah Hall had a craving for fast food early Sunday morning, but his Grandma was asleep and obviously he couldn't get it himself. So he decided to make a call.

He called his local Kent County 911 and asked if they could bring him McDonald's.

Dispatcher: "Kent County 911 what's your emergency?"

Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"

Dispatcher: "I'm sorry what?"

Iziah: "Can you bring me McDonald's?"

Dispatcher: "No I can't bring you McDonald's."

Dispatcher Sara Kuberski reached out to Wyoming police officer Dan Patterson to have him check to make sure everything was okay. So on his way to check, he made a special stop at McDonald's on the way.

No one answered the officer's knock at the door, so he knocked on the 5-year-old's window. The kid said to the officer first, "My grandma's gonna be so mad, can you please go away?"

Turns out Hall used a phone that had been deactivated years ago but to his grandma's surprise her grandson connected it to WiFi and was able to make the call.

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