A Typical Day For Carrie Underwood Is Very...Typical

You may not believe this, but Carrie Underwood's home life is very similar to yours and mine. Oh, there may be a "slightly" bigger house with slightly fancier things . . . but they're doing the same mundane stuff we all do.

She was on "The Today Show" yesterday and they asked her to describe her "typical day in the life." 

She said, quote, "The kids go to school. My husband usually takes them, but the second they leave it's like, gotta vacuum [make] their beds and check their rooms [to] make sure there are no wet towels on the floor, stuff like that . . . 

"Clean our room, go workout, garden . . . I'm always cooking something or canning something. I kind of live in the kitchen, making bread or something. And then, before you know it, they come home, and we make dinner. We have so many meals together as a family.

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