Luke Combs' Wife Says Whether She's Planning On More Kids After Baby No. 2

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Nicole Combs is pregnant with Baby No. 2, and although she and her megastar husband Luke Combs could possibly welcome more children, it likely won’t happen any time soon.

Nicole fielded a few questions when she invited her social media followers to “ask me anything” on Instagram on Wednesday (June 7). That’s when one curious fan wanted to know whether the couple has plans to have more kids after their second baby. Nicole didn’t rule it out, but acknowledged that she’s apparently not in a rush: “maybe but I’m going to need a slightly bigger age gap & house lol”

Luke and Nicole announced in March that Baby No. 2 is on the way, closely following his big brother. The couple’s firstborn, Tex Lawrence, arrived on Father’s Day in June 2022. Their second child is due in September. Nicole shared on her Instagram story that it took about a year and a half “of unexplained infertility” before she got pregnant with Tex, “but I just chalk it up to the right timing for our lives.”

Nicole previously shared that it’s “much different” to be pregnant with Baby No. 2, including that she wasn’t as sick during her first trimester and felt more tired. On Wednesday, she reflected on when her baby bump started to show in her first pregnancy vs. her current one (“6ish months” vs. “around 4 months,” though she wishes she took a photo every month to be able to compare the two).

Luke and Nicole have also been “truly having the hardest time” picking a name for their second child, she said last month. She explained at that time: “I like one syllable names bc I think they’re powerful, but every name we like (2 lol) — we know someone or someone’s child named that already. I normally don’t care about that, but when it’s a close friend it’s kind of odd lol”

When one Instagram user wanted ideas for one-syllable names that Luke and Nicole won’t use (she’s also due in September, she said), Nicole congratulated her and shared three names that she loves, but won’t be using: Banks, Brooks and James. Nicole also answered a few questions unrelated to the baby, including which of her husband’s upcoming stadium shows she plans to attend, her favorite makeup products, her go-to karaoke song and more.

See the adorable pregnancy announcement again here:

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