Wisconsin Singer Debuts Song Using Hate Comments On 'America's Got Talent'

Photo: Getty Images

Wisconsin Singer Madilyn Bailey auditioned on America's Got Talent, debuting an original song she created out of hateful comments left on her social media platforms.

Bailey appeared on Tuesday's (July 6) episode, but NBC pre-released her audition, and it has been viewed nearly three million times.

Bailey is from Boyceville, Wisconsin, which is just northwest of Eau Claire. Bailey jokingly said during her time on stage, "I'm originally from Wisconsin, born and raised in a very tiny town where there are more cows than people."

When asked by Howie Mandel what song she was going to perform for the night, she said, "With posting content on the internet, inevitably comes the trolls. So I thought I would take the hate comments from my YouTube videos and turn them into a song."

Mandel noted that she was "taking ugliness and making it beautiful." Her original song included lyrics like "Ear murder," "I don't understand the hype," and "I'm sorry, I just unsubscribed."

The clever song had the crowd clapping and cheering her on during the entire performance while laughing at some of the lyrics she sang.

When she finished the song, Simon Cowell said, "Well done," and Mandel added, "I like it."

Bailey now waits for the next round, where the judges will decide if she makes it to the live portion of the competition.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesday nights on NBC.

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