PmBata Drops New Single & Video For 'Favorite Song'

PmBata's latest single is here!

On Friday (June 11), the rising artist dropped his first official release since signing with 300 Entertainment titled "favorite song." The upbeat track, written and vocal produced by Bata, is all about "how it feels when your significant other says your name."

"It sounds different than anyone else saying your name, so I compared it to a song. My favorite song," the 21-year-old Kansas City native said in a press release.

As for the track's music video, Bata called on his real-life favorite person, his girlfriend, to play his love interest in the visual.

While "favorite song" marks Bata's first solo single with a major label, he's experienced success in his own right with numerous viral TikToks where he turns fans' stories into "melodic bops" or remixes other artist's songs. Most recently, the young rapper and songwriter — who is currently studying music tech at the University of Central Missouri — was also featured on Dream's song "Roadtrip," which has accumulated over 19 million views on Youtube and over 50 Million streams.

And with the release of "favorite song," Bata isn't slowing down as he gears up for the release of a full-length project.

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