Chris Martin Wants Coldplay To Perform On The Moon

Coldplay's "Higher Power" rollout has been out of this world, and during a recent interview frontman Chris Martin took it a step further by saying he wants the band to perform on the Moon (though he's not sure how that'd work with the whole vacuum of space hindering sound thing).

“Not many people have done it, that’s true. But isn’t there an issue that if you play on the moon no one can actually hear? I am ­confused about the atmosphere," he said. “We would try anything twice. I don’t mind any ridicule as I just speak what feels true to me. That is what we all have to do.”

While the chances of a Coldplay concert on the moon may be slim, they've created their own galaxy and transported fans to Kaotica in the official "Higher Power" music video. In the clip, Martin explores the "colourful trash planet," where he encounters giant robot dogs and a gang of alien dancers.

“The video is a metaphor for how, right now, we all feel alienated, far removed from our world, almost like we’re on an alien planet," director Dave Meyers said of the video. "And ultimately we find love in the streets and that euphoria shoots us off into the stratosphere of our own energy and higher power.”

Watch the "Higher Power" video above.

Though it hasn't been announced, the visuals seem to confirm Coldplay's next album is going to be called Music of the Spheres.

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