Wisconsin Police Pursuit Ends With Cattle Blocking The Suspects Vehicle

Police had some help from an unexpected group during a police pursuit early Tuesday (June 1) morning.

According to a Facebook post from the Barron County Sheriff's Department, deputies helped Barron police during a 13-mile pursuit between Barron and Cumberland.

The chase ended abruptly when the suspect headed for a farm and was blocked by a large group of cattle.

The Facebook post thanked the cattle for their heroism during the pursuit. "We would be remiss if we didn’t thank the Barron County Bovine Unit for jumping into the fray when the vehicle came into their patrol area."

The Sheriff's office had some fun with the post since it ended on a good note saying, "That little Cavalier that could during the chase ran out of steam encountering this moooving blockade. Job well done tonight crew."

Facebook users made light of the situation by commenting on the post. One user wrote, "Everyone’s gonna have herd about this come morning light. Did they receive any mooving violations? Udderly amazing no one was hurt!"

The driver was taken into custody, and no one, including the cattle, was hurt during the chase. Barron County Sheriff's Department said it was "Another happy ending."

Photo: Barron County Sheriff's Department

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