PHOTOS: 12-Pound Ball Of Ice Breaks Through Wisconsin Bedroom Ceiling

An Elk Mound family had a rude awakening Tuesday morning (May 25) when a 12.6-pound ball of ice crashed through their home.

According to WQOW 18, Ken Millermon, the homeowner, was grazed by the ball of ice when it plowed through their bedroom ceiling. “I would’ve probably been out, kicked the bucket [if it landed on me]. As soon as that came through, everything else was like dust of insulation. I couldn’t see," Millermon said.

The ball of ice caused a gaping hole and thousands of dollars in damage. “We’ve got a $1,000 deductible, which, I don’t know where we’re going to come up with that before it can get fixed, and there’s more than $1,000 of damage up there,” Millermon stated.

The big question is, where did the large ice chunk come from?

Nathaniel Schery, a neighbor, noted that "There was a big black cloud above it. Of course, we just had storms this morning."

Officials from the National Weather Service Office in Chanhassen, Minnesota, told WQOW 18 that the storms were not strong enough to cause any hail that big.

Luckily, no one in the house was hurt. “All I know is God had to have been watching out for me because I could’ve died, I could’ve,” Millermon said.

WQOW 18 has reached out to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's chemistry and biochemistry department, hoping they would take samples and analyze the ice.

Photo: Getty Images

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