Feel Good Story Wednesday 10-28-20, Teen Donates To Food Shelf

15-year-old Delaney Ferguson of Jenks, Oklahoma, wanted to make sure families in need were able to have some fun times together this Halloween, so she donated a bunch of pumpkin carving kits to a nearby food bank. Delaney worked with a local charity group to get the carving kits to the food bank, which is also accepting donations of pumpkins from the public. "We would all come around the table and fight over who was going to have the best pumpkin, and who was going to have the biggest one and then my dad would cook up the pumpkin seeds afterward," said Delaney. She wanted to make sure other kids had the same happy memories that she did -- even if those kids are going through rough times these days. And thanks to Delaney’s creativity and generosity, friends can gather to carve pumpkins together -- and, of course, roast the pumpkin seeds. (KOTV-TV)