Feel Good Story Thursday 10-15-20, Soldier Is Reunited With Dog

For months, Erin Guthrie was stationed overseas in Kosovo on a peacekeeping mission. And while she was there, she befriended a stray dog. The work she was doing was stressful and the dog helped her get through some tough times. When Erin returned home, she kept thinking of the dog that she loved -- and figured out a way to bring the dog home with her with the help of an organization called Paws of War. There were lots of obstacles and paperwork, but Erin was finally reunited with the dog, which she named Meeka. Erin was worried that Meeka wouldn’t recognize her, but there was no need for that worry. The moment Meeka saw Erin again, he wagged his tail as if no time had passed at all. (WCBS-TV)