Lawmaker Proposes H.S. Dress Code...For Parents!

A Tennessee politician is proposing a new law that would institute a dress code for parents and other visitors in the state's schools. State Rep. Antonio Parkinson told WREG that he got the idea after hearing complaints from school officials about the attire that parents and visitors choose to wear when on school property.  "I've heard some concerns from principals," he told the news outlet, "They say you'd be surprised at some of the stuff that we see." Parkinson's plan would require each school to create a code of conduct that applies to all guests at the school. He said that the code of conduct could also cover things such as showing up to the school under the influence of drugs or alcohol, cursing, or fighting. 

While he does not want to have a one-size-fits-all policy, he does believe schools should ban "sexually suggestive" clothing along with anything "that might encourage or suggest gang activity." He explained that students are already expected to follow certain rules while at school and that visitors should be held to the same standards. “We hold our children accountable. We hold educators accountable with appropriated conduct and anyone else should be held to the same standards,” Parkinson said. 

Photo: Getty Images

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