How You Shower Reveals Your Personality!

What You Wash First On Your Body May Reveal A Lot About Your Personality 

Feet first: People who wash their feet first are likely very concerned with the rights of all living things and connected to the earth and its well-being.

Arms or legs first: A goodly portion of your time is spent being very physically active, but your mind is also highly active

Chest first: The chest holds many vital organs, including the lungs and heart. You value life and feel very protective and proud of it. 

Chest first: You’re often introverted and safety-first oriented. Solitude isn’t something you mind, and you often actually favor it over socializing. 

Hands first: Fear isn’t in your vocabulary. Consequences be dammed, you have no hesitation in idealistically standing up for whatever you feel is right. 

Underarms first: Your kindhearted nature has a limit, though. Once someone betrays you, then you’re done with them. 

Face first: you care deeply about what you sense and how you’re perceived by others.

Head first: you’re highly realistic and reasonable. Time-management is one of your most admirable qualities.

Neck and shoulders first: You refuse to accept anything less than yes, I can, I will, and I did. Hard work is your motto. 

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