Holding In A Sneeze Can Send You To The Hospital

Sneezes can be loud, messy and occasionally embarrassing, but you should always let them out. One 34-year-old in England tried to stifle his sneeze and wound up in the hospital with a ruptured throat. 

According to the British Medical Journal, with nowhere to go, the pressure of the man's sneeze ripped through the soft tissue in his throat. 

The guy said after it happened, he felt something pop then had lots of pain and trouble swallowing and speaking. 

An X-ray showed doctors that air was escaping his windpipe into the tissue in his neck through the rip caused by the sneeze. He had to be fed by a tube for a week as he recovered, then he was sent home. 


Doctors say that while having your throat rupture is rare, trapping a sneeze can be very dangerous. In fact, not letting sneezes out can also result in damage to your ears or even a brain aneurysm. 

Be sure to let your sneezes out, just remember to do it into a tissue or the back of your arm. 

Photo Credit: Getty, BMJ


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