(VIDEO) Fireworks In Trunk Explode!

A man ringing in the New Year in Houston learned a valuable lesson when a wayward firework ignited the 600 unlit fireworks he was storing in the trunk of his car.  Jonathan Garza captured video of the New Year's celebration at a Houston strip mall where people were setting off their own fireworks.  The footage shows the trunk of a Dodge Charger spewing fireworks after a wayward firework caused the unexploded products in the trunk to ignite.  The owner of the car, Hurara Hassan, said he had 600 fireworks in the trunk when they were accidentally ignited.  "I was scared because my girl was in the car," he said.  "I ran to go see, but luckily she ran out."  Hassan said his girlfriend was not injured, nor was anyone standing nearby the vehicle.  He said the car is repairable.  "I'm not worried about it," he said.  "I stay positive."  He said he learned a valuable lesson to take to his next fireworks experience.  "I'll go do the fireworks again," he said.  "But I'll make sure the trunk is closed next time."



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