World's Longest Mustache

Those participating in No-Shave November will have a hard time catching up to Ram Singh, who holds the world record for longest mustache.  Singh, 62, of Jaipur, India, sports facial hair that measures up to 18 and a half feet long.  “People always compliment my mustache,” Singh said in an interview with Guinness World Records.  “Both mustache and beard have always been a symbol of pride for men, so I’ve been able to earn a name, fame and respect for my mustache.”  He explained he has been growing it since 1970, and was awarded the title in 2010.  He has not been beaten since.  Singh said he spends two and a half hours every day grooming his beard but only washes his mustache once every two weeks, despite having a complicated routine for both areas of his facial hair. 


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