Just when you thought seats couldn't get less comfortable in a plane, the airlines have come up with a new idea....

Air travel could become even more uncomfortable should the latest seat designs from Airbus ever see the light of day.

The aircraft manufacturer has sought a patent for the seat (pictured above), which resembles a bicycle saddle, in an apparent effort to cram more passengers on board.

The seats, which fold away when they’re not being used, would offer “reduced bulk, for example in an aircraft”, according to the patent application, which was published last month.

The device is designed for short flights, it states, rather obviously considering tray tables are non-existent, there is no-sign of in-flight entertainment, and seats don’t appear to recline. When several rows can be seen (pictured below), the cabin begins to resemble the inside of a galley.

That's right, the seats look like BIKE SEATS! Those should be comfy....CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.