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Two 90s super groups could be joining forces.  In an interview with U.K.'s "The Sun," Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell dropped the news that the former boy band is "in early talks" for a possible joint tour with the Spice Girls. 

The girl group hasn't responded to the comment, but rumors about a reunion among them have surfaced as 2014 marks their 20th anniversary.  Mel B told "MTV News" earlier this year that it "would be a shame" if they didn't do something to commemorate the occasion, but Victoria Beckham doesn't seem to be interested.  She told "Vogue Paris" that she realized she was finished with the Spice Girls during their 2008 reunion tour because "the passion just wasn't there." 

As for the Backstreet Boys, all five members are back on board for another string of North American dates starting in May, as well as the Backstreet Boys Cruise in October. 

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